‘Inspirational’ nursery is given highest possible rating by Ofsted

AN “exceptional” Fishponds nursery has been given its second consecutive ‘outstanding’ rating by Ofsted.

The education regulator visited Rozey Days Montessori in Lodge Causeway in June.

Inspector Sarah-Louise Clements’ report found the nursery, which has 63 children aged from two to four on its roll, to be ‘outstanding’ in all areas: quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, leadership and management, and personal development.

It was the second time Ofsted had visited the nursery since it opened in 2017: the watchdog’s previous visit four years ago also resulted in an ‘outstanding’ rating.

The inspector said: “Children thrive in this exceptional nursery, which puts them at the centre of all they do.

“Parents report on the ‘wonderful’ nursery and how their children love attending. Staff offer open evenings to share the Montessori approach to teaching and how this can be mirrored in the home environment.”

The Montessori method prioritises children’s choice of interests and activities over formal teaching, emphasising hands-on learning, developing “skills for life” and playing together, with staff adapting activities according to children’s level of development.

The inspector said: “Highly-qualified leaders and staff create and implement a broad, ambitious Montessori-inspired curriculum that is embedded throughout the nursery. They provide children with consistent opportunities to practice and embed their learning to ensure that they are ready for their next stage of development.

“Leaders create an inspirational nursery for all that attend.

“Staff report high levels of morale. Leaders listen and value their input.

“Leaders are constantly reflecting and are highly focused on improving on their already outstanding practice.”

The report said there is “exceptional” support for children with special educational needs or disabilities.

Owner praises ‘exceptional’ staff team

Children respect each other and their environment, and staff celebrate “all cultures and backgrounds”.

Nursery owner Rozey Din said: “I am delighted that our Ofsted report highlights the benefit of a Montessori education and that the inspector was able to capture our beautiful ethos during their visit.

“Montessori is an empowering educational philosophy that creates a safe and welcoming space for children to practice their emerging independence and to learn the importance of being citizens of the world.

“We are very lucky to have such a qualified team, who are passionate about the early years and work exceptionally hard every day to give our children the best start in life.

“We have received two back-to-back outstanding gradings and, as an owner, I am very proud and aware that this is predominantly due to our exceptional staff team.

“We have just opened a new site in Kingswood and look forward to replicating our success there!”

Picture: Staff at Rozey Days Montessori nursery in Fishponds