Firefighter injured tackling Eastville arson attacks

A FIREFIGHTER was taken to hospital after being injured attending an arson attack in Eastville.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service said the firefighter was a member of a crew called out to deal with fires set in Eastgate Road, Narroways Road, Glenfrome Road in Eastville, along with York Street in St Werburghs, in the early hours of Friday morning.

Avon & Somerset police say a total of six fires were started in the four streets: four in bins, one at an electricity substation and involving a vehicle.

All six are being linked and treated as arson.

The fires were spotted within 20 minutes of each other at around 2am.

A fire service spokesperson said the injury happened at one of the fires in Eastville but did not give any more details about the location, the firefighter who was hurt or the injury.

The spokesperson said: “Sadly, during the response to the fire, one of our firefighters was injured, they were taken to hospital and are now recovering with their family by their side.

“We are in close contact with their family and loved ones, and our thoughts are with them for a speedy recovery.”

Chief annoyed at ‘mindless behaviour’

Chief fire officer Simon Shilton said: “Every day, firefighters put themselves in high-risk situations to keep our communities safe and they do so without question, to help those most in need.

“Sadly, one of our own was injured last week, and it is a stark reminder of the dedication, professionalism, and unwavering commitment that our staff have to public safety.

“I am annoyed that the mindless behaviour of some individuals in our community has resulted in a firefighter being injured through a deliberate and conscious act.

“For anyone who is thinking about starting a deliberate fire, I hope this is a reminder of the significant consequences that fire can have on the community and those that serve to protect them.

“I’d like to thank our staff on the scene and those in Fire Control that responded so quickly and so bravely, and my thanks extend to our police, ambulance and NHS colleagues for their support during this difficult time.”

A police spokesperson said officers have been in the area investigating the incidents today.

Anyone with information should call 101, quoting the crime reference number 5224 009 549.