Greens are the big winners in Bristol City Council elections

THE Greens have emerged as the biggest party on Bristol City Council following yesterday’s local elections – but are two councillors short of an overall majority.

The party ended with 34 councillors out of 70 elected.

Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats made gains at the expense of the Conservatives, but Labour, which ran the council for the last eight years under Mayor Marvin Rees, ended with a net loss of two councillors, leaving them on 21.

Labour lose Eastville seat – but gain in Frome Vale

In the Fishponds area Labour lost one seat to the Greens, with Eastville councillor Marley Bennett losing out by 104 votes to Green challenger Ed Fraser, while sitting Green councillor Lorraine Francis topped the poll with 2,339 votes.

However Labour also gained a seat in Frome Vale, where the party’s candidates Louis Martin and Al Al-Maghrabi topped the poll.

Previously the Conservatives had held one of the two Frome Vale seats, but after long-standing councillor Lesley Alexander retired, Tory candidates Pooja and Tulsidas Poddar were forced into fifth and sixth place respectively by the Greens.

In Hillfields sitting Labour councillor Ellie King and Kelvin Blake, who replaced retiring councillor Craig Cheney on the ballot, were both elected, with a gap of 362 votes to the Greens.

Greens gain 10 seats, Tories lose 7

Across the city, the Greens gained an extra 10 seats.

The Lib Dems have eight members in the chamber, an increase of three, while the Tories lost half of their 14 seats and now have just seven.

Both Knowle Community Party councillors – who defected from the Lib Dems after the 2021 local elections to form their own party – were voted out, including veteran councillor Gary Hopkins, and were replaced by Greens.

In Westbury-on-Trym & Henleaze, a gigantic swing from Conservative to Liberal Democrat saw all three Tories lost their seats to the three Lib Dems, who include former Lib Dem Bristol West MP and government minister Stephen Williams.

Negotiations ahead as no party has majority

Tony Dyer, who was returned in Southville, is likely to become the council leader, as he is the Green nominee for that new role.

After the final ward’s declaration this evening he said: “My reaction is one of pride in what we’ve done and the message we have given out, pride in sticking to our values.

“It has been a hell of a lot of work by a lot of people, not just the people here but all the volunteers across the city, the people who helped to knock on doors.

“If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be here.

“We want to work with others – other parties but also community groups and organisations within the city and beyond.”

Labour group leader Tom Renhard said the party had some very good results, adding: “We’ll take stock over the weekend and see what it means for how the committee system will work. We’ve been picking up seats off of the Conservatives, as we’ve seen nationally. We’ve seen that swing away from the Conservatives to Labour.”

As no party won a majority in the council — 36 seats or more — political leaders are now expected to start negotiating power-sharing deals. This means it’s still unclear who will actually take charge of the council, and talks between the parties could last the next couple of weeks. 

But because the Greens have 34 councillors, it is likely they will be in control as all three other parties would have to combine to prevent this.


(All figures from Bristol City Council)


Marley BENNETTLabour Party 1,568 
Paul BOOBYER Conservative Party 277 
Lorraine FRANCIS Green Party 2,339Elected
Ed FRASER Green Party 1,672Elected
Annabel GRIFFITHS Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 84 
Timothy HOBBS Liberal Democrat 116 
Elaine IFFLANDConservative Party 234 
Mike LUFF Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 69 
Mohammad RASHIDLiberal Democrat 105 
Teresa STRATFORD Labour Party1,027
Turnout: 36.53%

Frome Vale

Al AL-MAGHRABILabour Party1,339Elected
Rochelle AMOS Liberal Democrat214 
Keith FENNER Liberal Democrat214 
Brian HEALYTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition86 
Jen LAWGreen Party899 
Gabrielle LOBB Green Party724 
Louis MARTINLabour Party1,402Elected
Pooja PODDAR Conservative Party447 
Tulsidas PODDAR Conservative Party377 
Tommy TRUEMAN Social Democratic Party188
Turnout: 31.18%


Rory ADAMSONConservative Party 310 
Deborah BISHOPLiberal Democrat 167 
Kelvin BLAKELabour Party 1,081Elected
Enrico CORRADI Conservative Party 257 
Jon ECCLES Green Party 719 
Ellie KING Labour Party 1,155Elected
Rick LOVERING Green Party 513 
Dan SMART Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 77 
Sarah SPILSBURYLiberal Democrat 109
Turnout: 25.82%

Main report by Adam Postans and Alex Seabrook, Local Democracy Reporting Service